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Executives & Professionals

Are you looking to maximize your leadership skills? Plan your career goals? Do you need to develop your team? Do you need to increase your visibility in your organization?


Executives & Professionals

Horizon Performance Insights, works with Executives and Professionals to:


  • Develop and enhance your leadership skills
  • Work past obstacles that are hold you back
  • Navigate internal politics
  • Develop your team to optimize performance
  • Define and achieve your career goals
  • Improve the systems that are driving your organization
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Plan transition in your organization including succession planning

Horizon Performance Insights Programs:

    • Takes place during your regular business day
    • Set and achieve your goals through action
    • Is a partnership between you and your coach
  • Team Development and Group Coaching  
    • Learn the dynamics of your team
    • Improve team interactions and productivity using Effective Intelligence®
    • Create a positive, productive culture by looking a priorities
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
    • Half or one day session with your key contributors
    • Assess what you are doing well? What do you need to change? What is happening in your market?
    • Review and improve existing systems in your organization
    • Develop actions with accountability

Executive & Professionals learn how to:

  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Build a strong team
  • Improve on existing systems within your organization

"The great leaders are like

the best conductors -

they reach beyond the notes

to reach the magic

in the players."
Blaine Lee