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Effective Intelligence® is a business-based system, designed to improve how organizations think. The Effective Intelligence® system helps your business by respecting thinking styles and the structures surrounding your organization. Effective Intelligence® is the best return for your business investment of time and money. After all, the most strategic action is to think before you act.

HPI uses the Effective Intelligence® Program as a foundation for Team Development Programs and in one on one Coaching relationships.

To meet your individual or teams needs, Effective Intelligence® Program can be delivered in half or full day team sessions or in an individual two hour session. The program can also includes a series of Lunch and Learn Sessions to reenforce and expand the use of Effective Intelligence® tools.

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Smarter Selling/Better Buyer Relationships is a relationship base system design to meet the growing sophistication of buyers. The approaches and techniques of the last century increasingly fall short.  Better Buyer Relationships helps professionals shift their focus from the technical aspects of their offering so that they engage in broader conversations with clients that lead to deeper relationships and more opportunities.

Across all industries, the ability to develop truly collaborative, trust-based partnerships with clients is becoming universally acknowledged as the most effective way to ensure survival and long-term success.

To meet your business needs Smarter Selling training can be delivered in 1- day, 2-day sessions or broken into modules and delivered  over a period of time.


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Emotional Power™ is a business-based system, designed to help individuals and organizations become more aware and skillful at utilizing their emotional abilities. Based on leading “Emotional Intelligence” research, Emotional Power™ shows people how to harness and maximize their emotional energy to better cope with continuous change and increasing levels of complexity in their world.

Emotional Power™ program is used during one-on-one coaching relationships and can be delivered to an team or group of individuals in a half or full day session.

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