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Business and Executive Coaching

What is Business and Executive Coaching?

Coaching exists in many different aspect of our life. Think of Olympic athletes, typically each gold medalist has several coaches. Some are focused on the skill of their sport, others on the mental preparation that it takes to excel and others on how to deal with the public and the media. All of their work comes together to prepare the athlete for that one moment they've dream of and worked for.

Many organizations are discovering the value and benefits of Coaching.  Coaching encourages high-functioning executives and managers to bridge the gap to their next level of success.  Coaching gives executives and managers the opportunity to strengthen specific interpersonal, communication, leadership or managerial skills. 

Business and executive coaching is the art of assisting people to enhance their effectiveness and maximize their potential. To inspire you to do what you don't even know you can do.

On a practical level it is a partnership to help individuals, leaders, and teams deal with everyday issues in a way that transforms the situation and maximizes yours and your organizations potential.

How does it work?


Business and Executive Coaching The goals of each coaching conversation are to assist clients in (1) promoting self-discovery, (2) establishing achievable goals, (3) determining a course of action, and (4) empowering themselves to achieve their goals.


The Coach will work with the Coachee to increase his/her performance. 


During the initial assessment phase the Coach and Coachee will using the results of new and/or previous assessment tools, profiles and feedback to discuss goals of the coaching engagement.


Then the Coach typically meets with the Coachee 2 times a month for 1 hour by phone or in person to develop and work on an action plan, targets for accountability, aid in self discovery and work through issues that might arise.


Focus areas for coaching can include the following:

  • High performance leadership
  • Empowering teams
  • Organizational impact
  • Effective communication
  • Strategic solutions

What type of coaching is available from Horizon Performance Insights?

Coaching is foundation of all Horizon Performance Insights programs. Specifically:

  • One-on-One Coaching
    • Takes place during your regular business day
    • Set and achieve your goals through action
    • Partnership between you and your coach
    • Typical meet 2 times a month for 3 months or more
    • Potential use of assessments including interviewing and HPI Business Tools.
  • Team Coaching
    • Working with team to set and reach goals.
    • Improve communication.
    • Work with intact team, cross departmental or organizational teams.
  • Shadow Coaching
    • Follow an individual or team during the course of normal functions to provide feedback and develop action items.


"Be bold with your dreams. Nurture the dreams that inspire you to go beyond your limits."